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c. 2020


Psalm 139 - sugar lift etching with a la poupee inking.jpg

Psalm 139, 'If I Take the Wings of the Morning and Remain in the Uttermost Parts of the Sea'

Janet Ayliffe

Winter 2022


Janet Ayliffe:

the starting place


wondering what was best


concerning bridge-ness


New York fragments


Izabela Jurcewicz:

body as a negative: sensations of recall

The Editors

Simon Maddrell

Melissa Chambers

Amarapuspa Clark

Viktor Hübner

contributing artist - Jen Orpin


Our lives are made up of journeys through space and time; getting from one place to another, one day to another, discovering who we are in our new environment and glancing back at the memory of the person who set out an hour, a month, ten years, a lifetime ago. Our winter issue explores these “links back and forward in time”, as our featured artist Janet Ayliffe puts it in her interview. 


Memory has the capacity to both haunt and inspire us, but whatever the content of a particular memory, its reclamation and interpretation through art can be a process of healing, self-discovery and connection. Art, like a bridge, becomes a monument connecting one place, one self, to another. 


Thank you for joining us again in 2022.

- The Editors, February 2022

JANET AYLIFFE works as a fine art printmaker and watercolour painter. She was born on Kangaroo island. Growing up there on the family farm, with the surrounding scrublands and nearby beaches has given form to many of her ideas and compositions. So too, the landscapes of her present home at Kangarilla in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, where Janet now lives and works.

She has developed an original style that reflects her life, her values, her family and environments. From the earlier techniques of wood engraving, etched metal plate intaglio and aquatints, to the more recent photopolymer plate etching used with digital archival prints of her painting, Janet produces art that is, at once, accessible and deeply layered and complex. WEBSITE.

(Image credit: 'Psalm 139, If I take the wings of the morning and remain in the uttermost parts of the sea', 1996. Steel plate sugar lift Intaglio printed on Hahnemuhle rag paper. By kind permission of the artist.)

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