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"... A little online library. These kinds of documents are the start of a treasure hunt. The artist’s, photographers and writers all become people to find..."


The Signal House Edition is an online journal founded in 2020. We publish essays, non-fiction, poetry, short fiction, visual art, audio and interviews. We are physically headquartered in London, but aim to bring together the thoughts, images, works of art, and words of living artists, thinkers and makers from all continents. 

The Edition is edited by by Kit Brookman, Melissa Chambers and Curtis Russell (aka Documenta Barbrism). Erica Gillingham is our poetry editor, and Rory Foster is our designer and development manager.


Our issues are not themed. Guided by the editorial, each issue is forged by our contributors writing and creating from where and who they are right now. What has resulted is a living document about people that exists at a junction in time. Our contributors range from published authors and collected artists, to first time writers with perspectives on their world which we find to be profound.

You can look at our past issues here.

The lovely team at RRRAMBLE wrote a review of us here.

As a currently all-white editorial team, we are committed to ongoing anti-racism education and practices, as well as platforming underrepresented voices. We believe that black lives matter, and that trans lives matter.

The Edition is a department of The Signal House, a live performance collective founded in 2018.

The Edition currently appears four times a year, along with occasional pieces published in our independent section The Anteroom

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Poetry Editor

Erica Gillingham


Contributing Editors

Clare Murphy

Viktor Hübner

Founding co-editor

Henry Martin


Development Manager / Design - Rory Foster



We are an artist-run, independent journal in our critical first few years of publication. Each issue already represents hundreds of hours of research, creation and refinement by our contributors and Editors. Every donation we receive is a meaningful one and will ensure our survival.

Join us by becoming a supporter of The Signal House Edition.



We accept submissions in non-fiction, fiction, essays, visual art, and audio. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to hear of submission deadlines for other categories, such as poetry.

We encourage submissions from individuals from backgrounds and identities underrepresented in art and writing, particularly with regard to race, gender, sexuality, class, and disability. We welcome works translated from other languages into English where both writer and translator hold rights. Contributors retain copyright for their work. Please note, we are currently unable to pay contributors.


We read all the work sent to us and aim to respond within two months if we feel there is a place for it in the journal. As we are a small team, we do not respond to each individual submission.


Please read the following submission guidelines then scroll to the submission form below

All submissions should: 

  • Be typed in size 12 font

  • Be in the English language

  • Be previously unpublished 

  • Be submitted by the rights holder

  • Only send one submission in a given four-month period

  • Include a category (e.g. Audio, Anteroom, Poetry, Art etc.) in the email subject

  • Include a 150-word email or biography by way of introduction

  • Name attached files as follows: Category_File_Name_Contributor_Name., ie. Fiction_To_Kill_A_Mockingbird_Harper_Lee



In addition to the above, include a 200-word pitch on your proposed piece and the genre or sub-genre of the piece.


In addition to the above, include a link to your work in the email, do not attach files. 



In addition to the above, include a 200-word pitch on your proposed piece and the genre or sub-genre of the piece, i.e. radio drama, interview, sound art, etc. If applicable, include a link to your work in the email. Do not attach files. 



In addition to the above, attach one story per submission. Word count preferred maximum 2,000. 


In addition to the above, attach one story per submission. Word count preferred maximum 1000. For perspective submissions, we prefer that you are currently living in the place that you are writing about.

Essays / Non-fiction:

In addition to the above, include a 200-word pitch on your proposed piece and the genre or subgenre of the piece, i.e. interview, memoir, biography, personal essay, critical essay etc.  



In addition to the above, attach 2 poems to the email, no longer than 60 lines each.

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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