the anteroom

You’re at a party, one that’s full of people that you know and others that you want to. You have the full intention of being swept up in a dozen different conversations before shimmering off into the night. The house is unfamiliar. People keep waving you over but you think: I’ll finish exploring first. And as you find your way through the crowd you step into a small room. At first you think it’s empty but there’s someone else sitting there, and you strike up a conversation. And the night wears on, and at some point you look up and realise you’ve been in this little room the entire time; your new friend has been delightful, you’ve felt no need to go exploring. When your new friend takes their leave, you think: actually I’m done.


You get your coat. You go out into the night. And as you stand on the curb hailing your taxi you realise, yes, I am shimmering.


The Anteroom is an adjunct to The Edition, where once every two months (or so) one of our contributors will share a piece of work that will send you off into your day or night shimmering like a satisfied party guest. The Anteroom is nimble, informal and responsive; a place for critique, enquiry and discussion that flows on into other rooms of The Signal House.