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the signal house


c. 2020



F. Jasmine and Berenice

(The Member of the Wedding,

Carson McCullers),

collage / gouache, 2020

Marenne Welten




usa: IRL


mosaic mirror

art and words

a question 


familiar ambiguity:

the value of the humanities in a globalized world




the ants

Bethany Rose

Alice Tye

Helen Bowie

Marenne Welten / Henry Martin

Alexa Alice Joubin

Rebecca Violet White

Avery Parker

contributing artists – Magda Górska, Romana Londi, Kale Chesney


Now that spring has arrived in London and the last, icy blast of winter weather has cleared, you can once again look up and catch the crumbling plume of a contrail dividing the sky into broad blue portions. Small birds disturb the ivy that crawls along the fence, pungent hawthorns shiver into full bloom overnight. Things are moving; from place to place, moment to moment, self to self.


Movement entails discovery. Whether we step around the corner or drive across an entire unfamiliar continent, being confronted by the new forces us in turn to discover ourselves. Our speech or movements may not mean the same thing around the corner; around the corner there might be a different history or topography that throws everything into a new light. This prompts the not-always-comfortable question of what we should hold on to, and what we should let go, before we move on, and on again, into the next moment, the next place, and the next, and the next, and the one after.

- The Editors

MARENNE WELTEN, represented by Gallery Albada Jelgersma, lives and works in Middelburg, Netherlands. A graduate of St. Joost Academie, Breda, her solo exhibitions have been programmed at De Pont Museum, Museum Kurhaus Kleve, Kabinetten van De Vleeshal, Kunsthalle Lingen, and at Spaceburo (Antwerp). In 2016 Marenne was part of the group exhibition On Empathie (Bridget Donahue, New York) and in 2018 had a solo exhibition Play Yesterday (Gallery Albada Jelgersma, Amsterdam). Forthcoming exhibitions include Solo Project (Brussels) and House of Men at Stedelijk Museum Breda.


Welten writes: “When I read a book I see the characters in front of me as in a movie and I crawl into [their] skin. When I have finished the book it feels like a loss, as if the book is throwing me out. Making a drawing or a collage is a kind of comfort and processing. The Member of the Wedding inspired me to make [this] collage.“

(Image credit: F. Jasmine and Berenice (The Member of the Wedding, Carson McCullers), 65 x 50 cm, collage/ gouache, Winsor Newton, 2020, by kind permission of the artist).

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