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Moving Stills

Natsumi Chikayasu interprets Modern Screen Classics

The Signal House Edition is delighted to present the first online, single-artist exhibition of the work of Japanese artist Natsumi Chikayasu, arranged by Henry Martin.

Spanning international arthouse cinema; South Korean and French auteurs; and LGBTQ characters, from Call Me By Your Name's Oliver to Pose's Blanca; Moving Stills: Natsumi Chikayasu interprets Modern Screen Classics highlights the range of Chikayasu's aesthetics, from disco-infused colour-wheel pop (Suspiria) to restrained, gentle, sun-kissed symbolism (Tomboy).

This exhibition also represents The Signal House Edition's dedication to representing and supporting young talent, as well as giving visibility to queer narratives, and diverse communities. Over the past fifteen months Signal House has included the work of artists working across media and disciplines, and these works (including essays and interviews) can be viewed on the Past Issues page. Artists who would like to work with the Signal House can learn how to do so, here.

We hope Moving Stills transports you back to your favourite films, adds some colour to your day, and offers a moment of quiet to enjoy Chikayasu's tactile, pulsing, evocative work.

To coincide with this event, a limited edition, signed, giclée print of Portrait of a Lady on Fire is available for purchase at the Signal House Shop.

—Henry Martin


Note: To experience this exhibition at its best, view on your desktop, click any image image to activate horizontal scroll, then click the full screen icon (top left) and use arrow keys to move between artworks.


Portrait of a Lady on Fire, Natsumi Chikayasu

Portrait of a Lady on Fire, 2021

Pose, Natsumi Chikayasu

Pose, 2021

I Am Love, Nastumi Chikayasu

I am Love, 2019