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October 2020

anna-helena mclean

fallen star

Fallen Star - Anna-Helena McLeanArtist Name
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ANNA-HELENA MCLEAN is a musician, composer, lecturer, voice coach and actor based in the UK. She is the founder of the Moon Fool International Theatre & Music Exchange, for whom she leads workshops internationally.  She is a former principal of the Gardzienice theatre company in Poland, and The Awake Projects, Ensemble, Love Orchestra and Youth company, Sweden. In London, Anna-Helena has worked on the West End and is a Core collaborator of Tract and Touch, bringing extended voice work to children with brain injury across the UK and queer voicing to UK schools. She is a current PhD candidate at Guildhall, London, researching ways to feminise the post-Grotowskian laboratory. Website. Soundcloud


(Image credit: Naaktstudie van achteroverliggende vrouw by August Allebé)

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