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January 2021

janis joplin 1970

xana chambers

png_Enzo Tomasello, 2010, Consummated La
Janis Joplin 1970Xana Chambers
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XANA CHAMBERS is a singer / songwriter, composer and sound designer from Brisbane, Australia. In 2017 she earned a MA Composition from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Xana's latest body of recorded works “The Circling of the Birds” was released in 2017 and weaves a path through electronic music, art music and minimalism. Website.

ENZO TOMASELLO, philosopher and artist, lives and works in Acireale, Italy. Active in contemporary Sicilian painting and a graduate in philosophy, Enzo is inspired by the work of Theodor. W. Adorno, the Frankfurt School, and Walter Benjamin. Enzo sees his art as the result of a fruitful literary contamination of poems, songs and theatrical plays and he dedicates himself to the exploration of the relationship between humans, the environment and architecture. Website Instagram.


(Image credit: Consummated Landscape, 2010, oil on wood, 100 x 130 cm , by Enzo Tomasello, by kind permission of the artist.)

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