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Autumn 2022


verity laughton

hello and farewell

The poem is gone. The poem

is nowhere to be seen. You couldn't

call her shy – she's a bit of a 


bruiser actually. If she's not

here, it's not because she

wouldn't; it's because she


couldn't. And I miss her. I'd

got used to her not-very-

fetching ways, the way you


do when someone stakes 

so much on you that you feel

more – real? –  more – more? – 


when they walk on in and

skewer you again on that 

same same floor. And you 


think I like your style, girl, 

and oh what I wouldn’t do

wouldn’t do, wouldn’t do 

to keep you, keep you around.

VERITY LAUGHTON is a playwright and poet. Her more than 30 produced works have been seen in Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, the UK and the USA. They include main-stage adult dramas, adaptations, plays for children and families, radio plays, a promenade community event, and a musical. Her next forthcoming production is an adaptation of Pip Williams' best-selling novel, The Dictionary of Lost Words for the State Theatre of South Australia and the Sydney Theatre Company in 2023. Her poetry has most recently appeared in Griffith Review 76: Acts of Reckoning. She is a member of the 7-ON group of playwrights.


(Image credit: "Chud has gone under the ground", Nicholas Roerich, 1913).

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