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clare murphy

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conversations with a muse

....It all started with a story I read in the New York Times on a plane going somewhere.  (Do you remember those days?)  The article was called ‘Homer in India’.  It was about the Bhopas and culture of telling ancient sagas.  It was called ‘Homer In India’, because we white westerners have to draw parallels to ancient Greece or some other white culture we deem as of measurable value...

Clare Murphy encounters her muse in this story podcast about the oral storytelling tradition.

Dublin-born storyteller, CLARE MUIREANN MURPHY has told stories worldwide since 2006. She has performed in more than 20 countries to audiences of 5 to 5,000 people, and her audiences include President Mary Robinson and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory team at NASA. Her work ranges from science-stories like UniVerse to socio-political pieces like The King of Lies to her beloved Irish mythology. She also teaches, trains and speaks publicly on the Power of Storytelling. WEBSITE. TWITTER. INSTAGRAM.

GILL ROTH is a Londoner who studied art at St Martins and then at Maidstone College of Art from 1981-84. She is a re-starterr who's had a career, cared for an elderly parent and now work from her garden studio. Working in a varity of media, Gill has always drawn the human body. Recently she's been drawing into cyasnotypes, resulting in fragmented female figures with truncated torsos and rebellious limbs. She explores the emotional dimension of figures and is attracted to ambiguous shapes and the happy accidents created by ‘mistakes’. Tree People was inspired by the Barbican exhibition Cosmic Dancer and by Flaubert’s first completed work, a novella called November. INSTAGRAM. WEBSITE.

STANDAMID is a Dublin-based composer and editor, whose compositions also feature in Issue 12. WEBSITE.

(Image credit: Tree People, photocopy and collage on paper. Gill Roth, 2020, by kind permission of the artist.)

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