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JULY 2021

Magda Gorska - the myth of icarus, digit

skyphone 18

bethany rose

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Skyphone 18Bethany Rose Norris
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BETHANY ROSE is a lesbian spoken word poet and illustrator who writes about sexuality and mental health. Beth’s poems ‘Lightbulb’ and ‘Pink’ received millions of views on BBC1 and BBC3. Her work has been seen in performances across the world on television, radio and in theatres. Beth's first book, Neon - a collection about depression, longing, swimming pools and light - was published in November 2020 with Burning Eye Press. WEBSITE. INSTAGRAM

MAGDA GÓRSKA is a collage artist from Warsaw. As the only tool in her artistic work she uses an object indispensable nowadays - a mobile phone. She believes that collages arise from the need to question and carefully evaluate the world. She aims to show the harmony between nature and people, ridicule the patterns, and undermine current perceptions of reality. Magda exhibits in New York, Barcelona, Edinburgh and Warsaw. In life, she is guided by the principle that hedonism is the sweetest form of bondage. She believes in going crazy, dreaming, and that complaining doesn't get you anywhere near your goal. INSTAGRAM

(Image credit: The Myth of Icarus, digital collage, by Magda Górska, by kind permission of the artist.)

Bethany and Magda's work also featured in Issue 10.

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