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July 2021

"In 2014 I spent several months studying abroad in Jordan. During that time, I ventured into far off and distant corners of this beautiful country by hitchhiking or traveling on foot; sometimes in the company of others, but mainly on my own. I encountered all kinds of people during my days
on the road, igniting my curiosity for their distinctive ways of life. Inspired by this experience, I decided to search for an alternative way back home to my native land, Germany. 
At the beginning of a long summer, I hitchhiked across nine countries in eighty-two days, archiving changing landscapes and faces along the way. I experienced first-hand how nature in its splendour gradually evolved from sand-coloured stone deserts in the Middle East, to deep green valleys in the heart of Europe. The land changed alongside the features and mentalities of its inhabitants, sometimes gradually, but other times surprisingly fast. I connected with many individuals whose paths crossed mine, some for a fleeting moment, and others for days. These photos and stories document my journey home, recorded on 17 rolls of photographic film and written in a journal I always carried with me in my backpack."

viktor hübner

eighty-two days on the road

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_02_33_CC.jpg

The Entrance to a Wadi near the Dead Sea Highway 65, Jordan

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_06_11_CC.jpg

Yehezkel Ben-Ezra in Haifa, Israel

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_01_24_CC.jpg

Jum’an the Camel Herder in Madaba, Jordan

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_04_28_CC.jpg

Adi takes a bath in the Hills near Jerusalem, Israel

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_04_15_CC.jpg

Israeli West Bank Wall along the Green Line in Bethlehem

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_05_35_CC.jpg

Carmel & Dan‘s Jewish Wedding at Mount Carmel, Israel

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_07_17_CC.jpg

The Cypriot Actor Giorgos Zenios in Kato Pyrgos, Cyprus

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_01_17_CC.jpg

Muna, Layla & Subhi harvest Spring Onions in Madaba, Jordan

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_06_33_CC.jpg

Party Seven Days A Week on the Beach in Larnaca, Cyprus

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_13_05_CC.jpg

Lonuț in Bucharest, Romania

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_02_17_CC.jpg

Mahmoud in Esche, Jordan

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_13_31_CC.jpg
Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_12_11_CC.jpg

Hangover Day on Costinela’s Balcony in Bucharest, Romania (top)

Young Couple on a Timber Truck heading South, Bulgaria (bottom)

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_10_26_CC.jpg

Liddy in her Apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria (above)

Momo & Marina in the Woods near Varna, Bulgaria (right)

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_12_25_CC.jpg
Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_14_13_CC.jpg

George in Roșia de Secaș, Romania

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_10_02_CC.jpg

Osman in Istanbul, Turkey

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_09_36_CC.jpg

Jumping from the Galata Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_13_19_CC.jpg

Reading the Newspaper in Bucharest, Romania

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_08_17_CC.jpg

Chasm of Heaven and Hell in Mersin, Turkey

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_14_24_CC.jpg

Tanti Mița in Săcădat, Romania

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_08_36_CC.jpg

Salt Lake Tuz Gölü, Turkey

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_17_34_CC.jpg
Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_15_33_CC.jpg

Lisa and her dog Balu in Regensburg, Germany (top)

Street Scene in Vienna, Austria (bottom)

Arrival at Home in Nümbrecht, Germany (below)

Summer Trip 2014_HighRes_03_31_CC.jpg

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VIKTOR HÜBNER'S artistic practice stems from a deep natural curiosity for other human beings and their fate. He explores themes of community, displacement, ideology, and socio-political tensions using photography, audio-recordings, and written accounts. He believes in the importance of contributing fractions of the present narrative to create a perspective of time; lending awareness to the complexity of identity, society and contemporary issues.


Hübner received a Bachelor of Arts in visual communication at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz in 2016, and a Master of Fine Arts in photography at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2019. Hübner was awarded with the internationally renowned Fulbright scholarship for representing German culture in the USA for the mutual and cultural understanding of both countries. He is also the recipient of a Rosanne Somerson scholarship and a RISD Fellowship, among other awards. Viktor Hübner currently lives and works in Nümbrecht, Germany. WEBSITE. INSTAGRAM. LINKEDIN.

(Image Credits; Titles as captioned above, all copyright of Viktor Hübner 2021, reproduced by kind permission of the artist.)

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