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c. 2020


Blue Beast_ Boss Morris.jpg

Blue Beast

Mila Harris-Mussi and Rhia Davenport 

Autumn 2023


Boss Morris


between us


Driving: A failure story


Taste vs. tribe:

or, Why do people like what they like, and don’t what they don’t?


He's sleeping inside

The Editors

Jennifer Wong

Anna O'Donoghue

Cimeon Ellerton-Kaye

Elizabeth Chung

contributing artist Joni Levy Liberman


Autumn seems like a time for facing up to things. Perhaps it’s the proliferation of folk and religious festivals honouring ancestors or negotiating with the dead that fall at this time of year — reckonings with the past, or with things outside our control. In autumn, we look over our shoulder in the hope of making sense of what’s to come.


Of course, facing up to things is not something that human beings tend to be very good at. Who amongst us hasn’t lingered far longer than we should in some intractable situation simply because the alternative — any alternative — seems impossible or frightening?


The pieces in our autumn issue rush at this fear head on. Can old traditions be continually reimagined and given new meaning? Is it possible to look squarely at the past and record it unsparingly? What makes us persist in the face of failure? And how do we even know what we want or what we like in the first place?


Autumn may be a time of looking back, but it’s also a time of moving forward. The past has a claim on us, but it’s not absolute.

MILA HARRIS-MUSSI and RHIA DAVENPORT are members of BOSS MORRIS, an all-female Morris dancing collective based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Boss Morris was founded with the aim of bringing a fresh & energetic perspective to traditional English Morris dancing. The group performs a vibrant & playful style of dancing, characterised by intricate footwork, bright costumes & jingling bells. Boss Morris is dedicated to promoting the cultural heritage of Morris dancing & making it accessible to all. Mila is also the founder of Mussi Knit. BOSS MORRIS | MUSSI KNIT 

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