the signal house


c. 2020


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Seed 4 and Seed 12

Ink, watercolor, wax, and pencil on paper, 2018

Sara Schneckloth


prophets of their own time:

late music of Bob Dylan and Patti Smith




Lake Naivasha, Kenya


hush the sea


Kevin Kling

Kit Brookman

Anita Goveas

Andy Raine

Yaiza Canopoli

Clare Muireann Murphy


Like love, companionship is often thought of as solely a romantic endeavour, the idea of a singular person with whom to share one’s most intimate days. And yet the absences of companions in this remarkable year shows us the many ways in which companionship, like love, imbues our lives on a daily basis in myriad contexts through an array of connections: the shared workspaces of offices, library reading rooms, and coffee shops; the rows of strangers in a theatre held rapt by the cast and crew; the meandering walk through a gallery with a like-minded friend; the act of partaking in a delicious meal at a beloved local establishment.


Those experiences may be temporarily lost, but we are a resilient species. We have found ways to rekindle companionship under these current restrictive conditions: speaking with loved ones across great distances now that work schedules are pliable; seeking out corners of the natural world when the possibility arises; testing a new recipe across multiple households, or making a favourite one because it reminds one of home; finding the ways in which lives lived were delightfully intertwined, and still speak to today; discovering that there is more in common with your neighbour than just a shared view of the sky. 


As we turn into the months of a difficult season ahead, we extend the torch of companionship through the pages of our journal to you. Come take our hand. 


-The Editors


6 November 2020

SARA SCHNECKLOTH is our featured artist in Issue 6. Sara's studio practice is motivated by the question of how science, imagination, and the body, inform one another through the activity of drawing. Her work has featured in over eighty exhibitions throughout the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Norway, and France, and her essays on the embodied nature of mark-making and the drawn gesture are widely published. With degrees from Northwestern University and the University of Wisconsin, she is an Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina, co-curates the Svalbard Seed Cultures Archive, and directs Drawing Canyon, Sage, and Sky, a workshop series based in rural New Mexico. Website.


"As part of a larger effort to nurture connections between biodiversity and creative culture, I developed (In)Nascence, a series of mixed media drawings based on my observations of germinating bean seeds. Portraits of the embryonic, nascent, moment when conditions are optimal for growth and potential is activated, the drawings rest deep underground adjacent to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault." 


(In)Nascence is comprised of 16 drawings measuring 12 x 9 inches. 


Offerings by Tucker Prescott is a film documentary account of artists, including Schneckloth, visiting the Global Seed Vault.