November 2020


yaiza canopoli

hush the sea

this is the flood:

the heart of the sea, the wave of the hand —

the placid gasp in the mouth of a shark.

take a leap into the current,

the violence like a promised land.

this is the heart:

the tide that engulfs, the salt that becomes —

the dry lips that crack in the rabid breeze.

behold the bruised eye of the storm,

the gale around, inside, within.

this is the gasp:

the wail of the crash, the hush of the ebb —

the legs tearing towards the ocean floor.

open the mouth and breathe new air,

the chest bursting with ancient gold.

this is the mouth:

the tongue that savours, the tendril that chokes —

the oxygen that holds me like a claw.

let the briny eyelids rise high,

the storm brewing: within, within.

this is the shark:

the blood in the maw, the hunger inside —

the me that holds the oxygen is now.

bare starving teeth to hush the sea,

and wield the tempest like a scythe.

YAIZA CANOPOLI is a writer based in Singapore. She likes to talk about queerness, the ocean and the evils of capitalism. When she's not busy reading, she can often be found playing video games or obsessing over tropical fruit juice. She also likes to explore nature and is often inspired by the green spaces in and around Singapore. Instagram.


(Image credit: @pixabay)