the signal house


c. 2020


Sheppard_Suspension1_HxW 125x110cm.jpeg

Suspension 1

oil on linen, 2019

Margie Sheppard


waking in the temple


men are half women,

notes on ecofeminism


fallen star


justin quirk


frankly, my dear

Axel Kacoutié

Tara Londi

Anna-Helena McLean

Henry Martin

Ansa Khan


Fascination is a word that is hard to bottle up and label with one meaning only.

Thankfully, like all great words and concepts, it resists such an action. How interesting though, to learn the etymology, that the common consensus on the root of the word stems from the Latin fascinus (charm, spell, witchcraft) and fascinare (bewitch, enchant). The root word encompasses both acts of speech and the supernatural.

The pieces in October’s issue speak to the fascination that a subject can exert on its author. The particularity of the worlds explored in each piece, from dams to glam to falling stars, created a kind of irresistible attraction for their authors —a spell or enchantment that compelled them to look closer, and closer, and closer. We hope, in turn, that the pieces they have created will fascinate you.


- The Editors

October 5, 2020

MARGIE SHEPPARD, our featured artist in Issue 5, is a painter and printmaker. She lives at Kangarilla, in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. Her practice now spans 30 years; in recent years she has returned to oil painting and she is currently dividing her time between painting and printmaking. She also runs West Gallery, Thebarton. Artist's Website. Gallery Website