October 2020

axel kacoutié

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waking in the temple

Axel Kacoutié reads - Waking in the Temple

Let them in, let them in.


All that’s dirty and freaky, 

all that's nasty and filthy. 

Let them in, let them in. 


All that’s drunk and high,
All that’s sexy and clots.
All that’s loose and tight, all that withers and rots, 

Let them in, let them in. 


With the stains and the sin
All that’s sad and bad and mad and wild.
All that’s dark and stark and never smiles, 

Let them in, let them in. 


Let her and him and they, go all the way.
Let them in, let them stay—we look for God in many ways so 

let them in. 


Let the devil and the angel,
the shadow and the light,
the ugly and the naked, 

In this vault, give them flight.


Bring the fire and let them in.


Let them in.

Let them in.

Let them in. 

AXEL KACOUTIÉ is an award-winning Sound Designer and poet who's been working with sound, music and words to challenge the familiar and revive the magic in the mundane. His work has featured on the BBC, Channel 4, and NOWNESS.

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(Image credit: Chichén Itzá, Mexico, 2016, Jezael Melgoza)