the signal house


c. 2020


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King of the Road

acrylic paint on wood (2019)

tom leamon


tom leamon





pasadena, california




behind the red curtain

Henry Martin

Jo Morris Dixon

Diana Stahl

Xana Chambers

Alexis D. Lea

Another video call.


The light flooded in behind them, through some large window in the new Southern Hemisphere Spring.

“Where are you?” I asked, keeping my guess to myself.

They tilted the screen and the room came into focus and my guess fell soundlessly out of my back pocket. They were somewhere else entirely.


Where are we?


For most of us, this year has brought an intensified familiarity with our immediate surroundings. It’s also cut us off from places and spaces that until recently we had perhaps taken for granted as being available to us. Our sense of distance - what’s near and what’s far - has warped. What places remain open? To whom? Who gets to belong safely in them? 


The pieces in September’s issue let us into private worlds that may have become shuttered, or strange, or remote, or redefined, but which nevertheless persist in some new form. If we come to know ourselves through the spaces we inhabit, what new lessons can be drawn from our altered environments? 


What hidden doors will we discover in rooms we had thought familiar?


- The Editors

September 7, 2020


TOM LEAMON, our featured artist in issue 4, lives between London and Portugal, working predominantly at The Beekeepers, an Algarve artist retreat that he set up in 2014. Recent exhibitions include The Gallery Faro (2019), Casa Independente (2019), ArtRio (2017), Copeland Gallery (2017), Merzbau Gallery (2016).