the signal house


c. 2018


Spring Light (2009).jpg

Spring Light


Lin Zhipeng (aka No.223)


the empty cage


sleeping in the woods with bats


5pm, Lev Ha'ir, Tel Aviv

5 אחה״צ

לב העיר, תל אביב.


let's call her Barbara


when I kneel, I don't think of a god

Kit Brookman | André Jewson

Farnaz Fatemi

Iftach Ophir

יפתח אופיר

Paul Skenazy

Farnaz Fatemi


Off the coast of Queensland in Australia, there’s a place called Stradbroke Island. On that island, in Myora Springs, fresh water from ancient lakes finds the lowlands and mingles with the sea in a quiet, brackish dance of in, and of out. Here, obligated by gravity and the curve of the land, lake water that has for more than 25,000 years played its part in the dreaming of the Quandamooka People meets the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean. An agreement, backed by necessity and made of infinite moments, curves around the mangrove roots, and runs over rocks from the beginning of time.  

This year, many artists, especially those in the performing arts, have been faced with a difficult question of in and of out. A question that has never been faced to such extreme proportions in their lifetime. Much has been said since March of the ‘economy’ but little of ‘ecosystem’ a poignant concept for those artists used to understanding what they do by way of its outward journey to an audience's eye.

This month’s edition is comprised of works of imagination and memoir, created by both performing artists and written ones, all artists caught in a quiet undergrowth, where the fresh water of their minds continues to seek its path to the sea.

We hope you enjoy it.

- The Editors

August 11, 2020

LIN ZHIPENG (aka No.223), our featured artist in Issue 3, is a photographer and freelance writer based in Beijing. His blog, "North Latitude 23" (created in 2003), published photography and short texts, received millions of views, and made the artist famous online. Presented for 15 years in group exhibitions in China and internationally, Lin's work has also been the subject of several solo shows (e.g. Walther Collection, Neu-Ulm; De Sarthe Gallery, Beijing; Stieglitz19 Gallery, Antwerp; M97 Gallery, Shanghai; Delaware Contemporary). His photo books are published in China, France, Canada, Japan and Italy. View more on Instagram, and