the signal house


c. 2018



Emotional Field - LOVE II

hand embroidery, cotton, and wool thread on unprimed linen, 2018 

Carolina Mazzolari


euston station,

ode to self


the sculptor and the skate rat


four excerpts from a charity shop purchase


the empty cage

episode 2




2nd arrondissement 

paris, june 2020

Golnoosh Nour

Seán Fogarty 

Seanan McDonnell

Kit Brookman | André Jewson

Šime Knežević

Hetty Kate


Welcome to Issue 2 of The Signal House Edition.

In Issue 1 we wrote that ”We hope this journal will be a heddle on the world’s loom, where stories small and large can change, and change, and keep changing.” In addition to publishing stories, we also have to acknowledge that we are already in a story that is, at times, deeply upsetting and unjust. The death of black people at the hands of the police is devastating and unacceptable. So, too, the killing of trans people, especially black trans people, both at the hands of the police and by fellow civilians. 


As human beings watching these stories unfold, and as editors of a journal that actively seeks to publish underrepresented voices, we have to make it clear to our readers that we believe black lives matter, that trans lives matter, and that the stories told by black writers and trans writers need to be heard, read, seen, listened to, and reflected upon and believed. We are committed to implementing an editorial policy that is inclusive and anti-racist. This policy will be published on this platform and will be under constant review.  

This issue, we are thrilled to announce that Erica Gillingham has joined us as Poetry Editor. Raised in California and now based in London, Erica is a poet, writer, and bookseller. She is currently accepting poetry submissions. Her input to the journal has already been significant and we are excited to be working with her.


Space (private and public), subjectivity, selfhood, manipulation, and emotional pathways are themes woven throughout Issue 2. We hope you enjoy this pattern, and that you will share the work with your community, wherever you are. 


Until Issue 3, stay safe and strong.


With solidarity,


The Editors

July 7, 2020

CAROLINA MAZZOLARI, our featured artist in Issue 2, trained as a textile artist at Chelsea College of Art, and at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. Living and working in London since 2014, her multidisciplinary practice involves textile manipulation, printing, painting, photography, video and performance. In 2019, Gli Ori published the monograph Carolina Mazzolari: Emotional Fields. and on instagram