July 2020


šime knežević

The person pointed at me their finger

and so I found him, on a chair in a pizzeria.

Gotcha; you I know. I had seen you before.

You and I, we both wore the same idea

of anonymity, like a woolly blanket in summer,

an air of suffocating stupidity about us.

In a chair where I sat for one large capricciosa,

the person beside me pointed at me their finger.

Anonymity is to sit in a pizzeria and be set 

apart from your body, from your hunger, aloof.

At the point of the person’s finger, the inflated 

idea of my anonymity hissed to a slump

in the chair of a pizzeria. Who was this person, 

and why were they pointing their finger?



Šime Knežević was born in 1985 and lives in Sydney. His debut chapbook, The Hostage, was published by Subbed In.

(Image credit: Carl Nenzen Loven, 2017, cropped).