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January 2021

winter solstice, salthill



felicia mccarthy

what else can I say I'm still waiting fo


Night falls down in a rush

as clouds stack up in stripes,

a Hudson Bay blanket in grey.


I walk the prom content to reach 

Blackrock, though the light is failing.

As I kick the wall and turn, clouds shift 


reveal a triangle of gold. It is as if the wind

turned down the blanket of night by turning

back a corner of the sky. It is an invitation to stop.


I pause to watch the sun set its bright head

down upon the dark pillow of the year’s end.

It had already begun its dream of Spring.    

FELICIA 'FLISH' McCARTHY is a poet who lives in the West of Ireland. Her poems and essays are in print and online in Ireland, the UK, USA and Mexico. She is the Poetry Editor of North American Time at The Blue Nib. As a feminist, her country, like Virginia Woolf’s, is the whole world (Three Guineas). Her first collection, The Gypsy Shaman’s Daughter will be published by Salmon Poetry in Spring 2021. Twitter. Facebook.

PAUL HALLAHAN'S work is primarily based in painting and expands into many areas, including a focus on how humans relate to, and interact with, the world around them. Hallahan has exhibited widely. In 2019 he took part in a touring two-person exhibition that started in the dlr Lexicon Gallery (Dublin) and toured to Cork, Waterford, and Belfast. In 2020 he had a solo exhibition in the Roscommon Arts Centre titled Running, returning, running, and a two-person exhibition at The Complex (Dublin) titled Everybody Knows. Hallahan is represented by Berlin Opticians Gallery, lives in Co. Donegal, and won the Golden Fleece Award in 2018. Instagram. Website


(Image credit: What else can I say I'm still waiting for this moment to be gone, 2018, acrylic ink and paint on canvas,160 x 115 cm, by Paul Hallahan, by kind permission of the artist.)

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