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January 2021

Kale Chesney Polaroid 30-3.jpg

ginger harvested in spring

will be tender

jo flynn

knobbly and elephantine
like a pustule.

Your fingers petrified
to a knot, hand
striped with tidelines of the
soil that has carried you this far.
Your journey is not over.
You’re heading to a held place


for earth dreams. Bark ready
to burst forth again,
and again. We will celebrate by
sending shoots to the
surface, to see how much
we have grown.

JO FLYNN has won the Roy Fisher Prize for poetry and been endorsed by the Poet Laureate. Jo’s debut pamphlet Swallowing Sand was published and she’s since appeared at the National Poetry Library in London as well as performing internationally. Jo just hopes to make sense of the world with words. And dogs. WebsiteInstagram.

KALE CHESNEY is a queer photographer and designer living in Portland, Oregon. A visual storyteller, they received a BA from University of Santa Cruz in Printmaking and Photography. They grew up in the country, collect cameras, and avoid cilantro at all cost. Website. Instagram.


(Image credit: Polaroid, March 2019, Kale Chesney, by kind permission of the artist.)

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